Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Jesus, my dad tries so hard... Does he really think that she’ll come back to him? Because she won’t, honestly I don’t think she’s telling me something. Which is unlike her, she usually just comes out and says think. It really annoys me how secretive this whole thing is, do the think keeping me in the dark will make this any easier.
“I just wasn’t happy anymore,” Says Mother.
*Silence intermigled with annoying guitar plucking* Says Father. He won’t let me see him cry, he pretends he sick and makes me go stay at my mom’s. Which isn’t really fair, he could just go into the basement, I lock myself in my room most of the time anyway.


Blogger Feesh said...

Oh... your dad sounds really upset. I hope things start looking up.

Wow. That was weakly happy. o_o

6:28 PM  
Blogger Feesh said...

My mom likes you... if she didn't she'd whine about it all day. Just don't cuss in front of my sisters. That's really the only guideline. o_o

12:41 PM  

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