Monday, January 24, 2005

Watching Will and Grace...

Ugg... I hate this show, or at least I like to say that. It's a lie... I love this show, all it's awful stereotypes and dumb jokes.

I had an moment today when I realized how lucky I was to have my friends. We were rolling around on the hill, which is covered in dry grass. We were all coated in itchy grass, Emma was laughing so hard she couldn't breath, after everyone else left we were "separated" because we were distracting everybody. We couldn't even make eye contact, we were both ready to wet our pants. I love my friends...


Blogger Feesh said...

Hey hey hey beeatch!!! What is up?!?!

I just wanna say thta your blog rocks and it is x100090869687678 better than mine and CUTTING IS BAD. BAD GIRL. Oh, and I suck and I have fat feet. =D

-Feesh < 3

5:34 PM  

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