Saturday, January 22, 2005

"Sleeping" again...

It's like... early and if dad wakes up I die... or maybe not... I dunno... I hope somebody posts a comment, I want to know of somebody besides Carl and Adam are reading this fucking thing. I read other people's stuff, I love to read other people's stuff. I love to lose myself in other people's lives... it's fun... and takes me away from the "harsh" *cough cough* reality of my own... Oh woe is me... life just sucks doesn't it?... Whine Whine, Bitch Bitch...


Blogger krenneke said...

Hey Bored Wanderer
this is to tell you that I came across your blog (someone visited mine after he/she visited yours apparently) and I read it. Nice on, keep on sleeping :)

3:03 AM  

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