Saturday, January 29, 2005

Our house...

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((A photo of the guy from the Experts last night... It's special because my camera's battery was dying...))
•A study overlooking the lake for yours truly
• Garage converted into room where Adam's band can practice
•Bedroom with thin walls for gay best friend
•Large studio with window's for Feesh
•Hot Tub
•Feesh's IBM laptop
•Adam's Dell laptop
•My I-Book
•Gay best friends I-Book
•STRONG wireless signal throughout the house
•Lake with dock
•Kitchen raised above living room floor w/ marble countertops
• Well-stocked Black Fridge
•Bright green shag carpeting
•Assorted awesome eclectic furniture in living room
•Close hair stylist friend (not living in house)
•Two persian cats
•Well stocked fucking cool wardrobe
•Basemeent converted into dance floor (w/ pole)
•Izzy's Canopy bed with curtains
• Special credit card set aside for porn
• Feesh's comfortable futon
•Adam's bed with bouncy mattress
•Giant trampoline
•Wine Cellar
•Lots of windows
•LARGE shower with awesome tiles
• Butt washer thing (I can't figure out how to spell the correct word)
•Great sound system throughout the house
•Disco balls and colored lights
• Chandeliers strung with odds and ends
•Lots of naked barbies (don't ask...)
•Well decorated walls
•Close proximity to the city
• Exercise equipment (Well stocked fridge...)
•Small library with up to date collection of high quality porno magazines
•Normal sized TV, with DVD player
•A studio set aside for painting clothes
• Secret stashes of candy everywhere
•Guest rooms

That's it for now, I'll keep you posted... We all have the right to wishfully think!


Blogger blacksunday said...

woo hoo! partay.


3:37 PM  
Blogger Feesh said...


Oh, and no, I don't have your money... but when I was sorting it, I noticed that you only had a couple ones and maybe a five. How much are you missing?

7:52 PM  

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