Thursday, January 27, 2005

Intense emotional hesitations... Sounds pretty, doesn't it?

  1. I am getting a cold and my head hurts
  2. The immigration project is due on Monday! AHHHHHH!!!
  3. I have cramps
  4. I have run out of pads
  5. My teachers are assholes
  6. My gym teacher is bitch champion of the world
  7. I have an overwhelming urge to smack my parents
  8. Dinner isn't for another few hours
  9. I have no musculer, hot young men serving my needs every hour of the day
  10. Conan is grounded
  11. I have temporary lost Zoe's Guns N' Roses CD
  12. Slash is not in love with me :(
  13. Today is not Friday
  14. I am broke
  15. My ability to see the sunny side of life is temporarily been disconnected... Please hang up and try again...
  16. I am complaining to an unresponsive computer screen instead of my shrink, who I saw only about an hour ago.
  17. I am too young to go to gay bars with my non-existent hot gay friends
  18. My dad might only let us go to Ooh La Latte 'till 11 because he won't be able to stay awake... I will not let this happen...
  19. It's cold outside, but it's not snowing
  20. It might snow this weekend
  21. Bush was re-elected, though his name is actually rather dirty
  22. Condaleeza Rice's hair stylist is still alive and kickin'
  23. Bush is going to make a constitutional amendment against gay marriage, even though it's against everything America is supposed to stand for.
  24. There's a chance Roe vs Wade will be overturned, see #23
  25. They're thinking about bombing Iran... Yes, they're images of themselves are so over inflated that they don't realize our asses are going to get kicked. Even Alexander the Great couldn't defeat Persia...
  26. Grandma is out of Jelly Beans
  27. "I guess it's the sneezin' season," Great Aunt Janice says, concentrating on her knitting
  28. I ran spellcheck on this and it doesn't know the word homoerotic or asshole, I am not pleased
  29. I am starving!
  30. Nobody but Feesh is commenting on my blog anymore
  31. My dog has rolled in something unpleasent
  32. My dad is playing sad songs loudly on the guitar
  33. My computer thinks that Conan should be changed to Cowman
  34. I have no arm strength
  35. The word 'Freedom of Choice' have worn off of my wristband
  36. My favorite pair of underwear has blood all over the crotch
  37. I want to take a shower but I can't
  38. Cool clothes are always expensive, especially @ The Untidy Museum (
  39. I have one sweater and It's getting a little dirty.
  40. No one ever sends me any mail, exept Netflix
  41. I still have nine more problems to go
  42. I lost my immigrant and had to redo it
  43. I have no grand children (WTF!!! I'm only thirteen, that's a good thang!)
  44. I have no children, see above
  45. I'm itchy in all the places it's rude to scratch
  46. I have to pee
  47. Nobody is on AIM
  48. Carl won't admit he wears tighty whity's, what exactly is there to be ashamed of?
  49. I don't know where the aspirin is
  50. I can't miss school tomorrow because I won't be able to party all night!

That concludes my top 50 reasons why today sucks... Thank you, *bows*


Blogger blacksunday said...

Thats quite a list. i can agree with a good amount of those. Life sure is a bitch and at least for me, i better get used to it. i could comment on almost every thing you said, but at this time in my life, i'm not up to it. sorry. bye.


9:53 PM  

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