Friday, January 21, 2005

High school

2005-01-21 - 6:30 p.m.
High school looms ahead like some sort of terrifying...ummmm... scary thingy... Wow, am I good with words today... I just realized today that all me and my friends ever talk about is sex and the most violent, painful ways to kill each other. We are so fucking immature, I love it. Immature people have more fun, until they end up accidentally getting themselves killed (in the most violent and painful way possible.) Now I'm slightly worried, I have no interest in getting my face torn off and having lemon juice poured on it, bleeding to death from a paper cut in the eye or having a bookbinding needle tear up my brain through my ear (AGG!) I'm having a little trouble confiding in my shrink, she's too bouncy and wears ugly shoes. At least they're better than Condaleeza Rice's hair! That woman's fashion adviser deserves to have his or her intestines pulled out through the bottom of his or her foot. Even my Dad will admit that her hair is evil in hair form and he always yells at me for making sarcastic remarks about how people look. To her credit she is a black woman and if somebody does manage to kill off Bush and Cheney (hopefully as painfully as possible) than she would become el presidento, or la presidenta, whatever. That would be completely awesome, I would love to watch the KKK throw up their stomachs and die (in excruciating pain) in the ER.
P.S. P.M.S and grumpiness from period and Six Feet Under withdrawal.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Izzy its erin from duke. i love this one. lol i hate bush & cheney. and the part about the intestines being pulled out through his/her foot was so fucking funny. i laughed my head off. u cheer me up, thnks keep on writing.

6:14 PM  
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