Sunday, January 23, 2005


Ugggg... I am so tired of being depressed! So fucking tired. I should of had fun tonight @ the concert @ Ooh La Latte ( , I mean come on, they had a Bush shaped pinata filled with condoms and and little packets of astroglide, I didn't get any :( But the Ooh Latte Crowd is so much cooler than me, so much more worthy to be alive. I mean, they're also mostly 10 odd years older than me and I try to keep that in mind, but it's still incredibly disconcerting. I went with Gabster, who I see ever so often, some of her friends were there too, that was depressing because I hate looking down on people. I can't help it, it's human nature, it's not just me. is it? My ideas of scum of society, vastly differs from the majority. I loved the County Kings, I've never seen a drag king show before. It was funny and seriously made me consider becoming a lesbian again... but whatever. Speaking of lesbians... apart from the gay pride parade, I have never seen so many openly gay people together in one place... That was kind of awesome... I got a flier about birth control pills, which I have no interest in taking, but I just started thinking. When I do start becoming sexually active, how do I approach my mom about the pill. "Hi Mommy, I fuck people now..." Hmmmm... Somehow I don't think so.

Happy 32nd Birthday Roe vs. Wade! The Bush Administration can go fuck itself...


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