Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Good times...

I can’t believe I’m watching Friends, what is it about me and bad TV shows these days. I want cable at my moms! Maybe I should just stop watching TV... HA!!!!!!! Maybe Law and Order SVU is on, or Seinfeld. YAY, Seinfeld... I am so lame. All I do is waste my life in front of the TV. There’s another concert @ Ooh La Latte on Friday, I invited Feesh and Vicky to come with me. I don’t know if they can come, they’re the two people I feel most comfortable around. I’m not sure why, but I want to get some dancing done. Interesting story of the day: On New Years, Vicky got “a little” tipsy @ Chelly’s house and they were climbing around on the roof... Aren’t Chel’s parents the best?!? (sarcasm, sarcasm) Well I guess Vicky really had to pee, but she pissed on Chully’s roof. I wonder if that was before or after they trashed Chul’s neighbors house. Good times... Good times...


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