Monday, January 24, 2005

Feesh's feet

Feesh's feet
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I read the story about that lightsaber kid and decided not to post pictured of their whole faces, but feet won't hurt, right? These aren't my feet, my feet are thinner and my toes are longer. Not that Feesh (( has fat feet, I just have incredibly narrow feet, which makes shoe shopping nearly impossible, whick sucks.

I love how shows ratings go up higher each new season, or maybe it's show by show... I'm watching family guy, some episodes are rated PG and some are rated TV-14 or whatever. I wonder why is it on TV it's 14 and in movie's it's 13? Actually I don't wonder, I couldn't give a flying fuck... I just don't want to stop writing...
Ta Ta


Blogger Sr. Augustina said...

Nice! I remember wearing white, red, and even the traditional black pair of fishnets... Woo hoo!

11:26 PM  

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