Saturday, January 22, 2005

Annie on my mind...

Wow, I'm such a romantic... I'm reading this book for the umteenth time and just wishing love was really that simple and easy to find. I also wish my dad would pull himself enough so we can go to New York, his friends are practically begging us too come stay with us in Brooklyn... I'm in the mood for some fine art. I want to go to the met and see the new MOMA, I'm reading a really good book about Keith Haring and I want to see some of his stuff in person. You know, he hardly made it to thirty. Damn free and unprotected sex... but I guess before the big AIDS scare nobody even really thought about it. If only Keith Haring had been born just a few years later, maybe he'd be alive today. Now I'm slightly depressed, I'm a sucker for adorable gay artists with dorky glasses...


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