Wednesday, January 26, 2005

America's leading football authority...

I was reading one of my dad's old football magazines in the bathroom, I thought they were supposed to be about football... hmmm... I don't think anyone who doesn't like to ogle women with so much botox in their brains that they can't even pick out the right bikini size.
"Finally! Everything you need to know about football, at the touch of a button! AND IT'S FREE!"
Sorry, I didn't catch that, I was too distracted by the fact that, that woman's nipple's are so hard she could looks like she could type with them. Come on...

Note about the song Arlene that I mentioned earlier: It's a murder ballad, in case you didn't catch that. It's about this guy who takes this woman into a cave and kills her. It's really pretty creepy and he keeps on going on and on about her hair and how he can still see how red it is in the dark. SCARY, especially after all those episodes of Law and Order SVU.


Blogger Feesh said...

Hey hey hey biatch!! My mama said I could come to da Oh La Latte wit you and sleep ova!!!! YEAH YEAH!!! And it's Ciara, not Clara, and she is my nine year old sista!!! DUH!!!

6:11 PM  
Blogger Bored Wanderer said...

WOOOOOOOOOOOT! I'm so fucking excited... Why the hell would you listen to your little sister? She's your little sister for God's sake!

7:33 PM  

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