Saturday, January 29, 2005

Adam and Feesh!

Adam and Feesh!
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Feesh and Adam at Ooh La Latte, Adam does not usually look like that! I'm not exactly sure how he managed to get that expression... Lemme tell you, we kicked ass in that place! All the other lame fuck wads couldn't hold a candle to our supreme emoliciousness!
The first band was shit, so during that time we planned our future:
-Feesh will go to Art School in DC, as soon as she is out she will start a vintage store/cafe, like Ooh La Latte.
-Adam will be bassist in an incredibly awesome heavy metal band. He will often play @ Feesh's Cafe and will get discounts on clothes to improve his supreme awesomeness.
- Boringly I will be a professor of Theology @ Georgetown university (at least I'll have a steady paycheck) I will spend majority of my time @ Feesh's cafe, and, as her unofficial stylist I will get discounts on clothes and unlimited lattes

We will all live together in a house outside of DC, with gay best friend. We listed the details of our house. See last post...


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