Saturday, January 29, 2005

I know these are dumb, but I'm enjoying myself

You are Lili St. Cyr!
You're Lili St. Cyr!

What Classic Pin-Up Are You?
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Our house...

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((A photo of the guy from the Experts last night... It's special because my camera's battery was dying...))
•A study overlooking the lake for yours truly
• Garage converted into room where Adam's band can practice
•Bedroom with thin walls for gay best friend
•Large studio with window's for Feesh
•Hot Tub
•Feesh's IBM laptop
•Adam's Dell laptop
•My I-Book
•Gay best friends I-Book
•STRONG wireless signal throughout the house
•Lake with dock
•Kitchen raised above living room floor w/ marble countertops
• Well-stocked Black Fridge
•Bright green shag carpeting
•Assorted awesome eclectic furniture in living room
•Close hair stylist friend (not living in house)
•Two persian cats
•Well stocked fucking cool wardrobe
•Basemeent converted into dance floor (w/ pole)
•Izzy's Canopy bed with curtains
• Special credit card set aside for porn
• Feesh's comfortable futon
•Adam's bed with bouncy mattress
•Giant trampoline
•Wine Cellar
•Lots of windows
•LARGE shower with awesome tiles
• Butt washer thing (I can't figure out how to spell the correct word)
•Great sound system throughout the house
•Disco balls and colored lights
• Chandeliers strung with odds and ends
•Lots of naked barbies (don't ask...)
•Well decorated walls
•Close proximity to the city
• Exercise equipment (Well stocked fridge...)
•Small library with up to date collection of high quality porno magazines
•Normal sized TV, with DVD player
•A studio set aside for painting clothes
• Secret stashes of candy everywhere
•Guest rooms

That's it for now, I'll keep you posted... We all have the right to wishfully think!

Adam and Feesh!

Adam and Feesh!
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Feesh and Adam at Ooh La Latte, Adam does not usually look like that! I'm not exactly sure how he managed to get that expression... Lemme tell you, we kicked ass in that place! All the other lame fuck wads couldn't hold a candle to our supreme emoliciousness!
The first band was shit, so during that time we planned our future:
-Feesh will go to Art School in DC, as soon as she is out she will start a vintage store/cafe, like Ooh La Latte.
-Adam will be bassist in an incredibly awesome heavy metal band. He will often play @ Feesh's Cafe and will get discounts on clothes to improve his supreme awesomeness.
- Boringly I will be a professor of Theology @ Georgetown university (at least I'll have a steady paycheck) I will spend majority of my time @ Feesh's cafe, and, as her unofficial stylist I will get discounts on clothes and unlimited lattes

We will all live together in a house outside of DC, with gay best friend. We listed the details of our house. See last post...

Friday, January 28, 2005

I'm gay care bear?!?!!!!!

Gay Bear
Gay Bear

Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?
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Which John Cusack Are You?

Staring @ the wall and once again "sleeping"

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I'm wistfully staring at the wall, wishing I hadn't burned that incense because it made my head ache. Just so you can conjure in your mind exactly what I'm doing right now, that's a picture of part of my bedroom wall, it's very depressing, I'm out of wall space and my dad is a little pissed about how the scotch tape on the wall. Apparently scotch tape is bad for the wall. I'm trying to make my cold go away so I'm really going to sleep, not "sleep"

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Intense emotional hesitations... Sounds pretty, doesn't it?

  1. I am getting a cold and my head hurts
  2. The immigration project is due on Monday! AHHHHHH!!!
  3. I have cramps
  4. I have run out of pads
  5. My teachers are assholes
  6. My gym teacher is bitch champion of the world
  7. I have an overwhelming urge to smack my parents
  8. Dinner isn't for another few hours
  9. I have no musculer, hot young men serving my needs every hour of the day
  10. Conan is grounded
  11. I have temporary lost Zoe's Guns N' Roses CD
  12. Slash is not in love with me :(
  13. Today is not Friday
  14. I am broke
  15. My ability to see the sunny side of life is temporarily been disconnected... Please hang up and try again...
  16. I am complaining to an unresponsive computer screen instead of my shrink, who I saw only about an hour ago.
  17. I am too young to go to gay bars with my non-existent hot gay friends
  18. My dad might only let us go to Ooh La Latte 'till 11 because he won't be able to stay awake... I will not let this happen...
  19. It's cold outside, but it's not snowing
  20. It might snow this weekend
  21. Bush was re-elected, though his name is actually rather dirty
  22. Condaleeza Rice's hair stylist is still alive and kickin'
  23. Bush is going to make a constitutional amendment against gay marriage, even though it's against everything America is supposed to stand for.
  24. There's a chance Roe vs Wade will be overturned, see #23
  25. They're thinking about bombing Iran... Yes, they're images of themselves are so over inflated that they don't realize our asses are going to get kicked. Even Alexander the Great couldn't defeat Persia...
  26. Grandma is out of Jelly Beans
  27. "I guess it's the sneezin' season," Great Aunt Janice says, concentrating on her knitting
  28. I ran spellcheck on this and it doesn't know the word homoerotic or asshole, I am not pleased
  29. I am starving!
  30. Nobody but Feesh is commenting on my blog anymore
  31. My dog has rolled in something unpleasent
  32. My dad is playing sad songs loudly on the guitar
  33. My computer thinks that Conan should be changed to Cowman
  34. I have no arm strength
  35. The word 'Freedom of Choice' have worn off of my wristband
  36. My favorite pair of underwear has blood all over the crotch
  37. I want to take a shower but I can't
  38. Cool clothes are always expensive, especially @ The Untidy Museum (
  39. I have one sweater and It's getting a little dirty.
  40. No one ever sends me any mail, exept Netflix
  41. I still have nine more problems to go
  42. I lost my immigrant and had to redo it
  43. I have no grand children (WTF!!! I'm only thirteen, that's a good thang!)
  44. I have no children, see above
  45. I'm itchy in all the places it's rude to scratch
  46. I have to pee
  47. Nobody is on AIM
  48. Carl won't admit he wears tighty whity's, what exactly is there to be ashamed of?
  49. I don't know where the aspirin is
  50. I can't miss school tomorrow because I won't be able to party all night!

That concludes my top 50 reasons why today sucks... Thank you, *bows*

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

America's leading football authority...

I was reading one of my dad's old football magazines in the bathroom, I thought they were supposed to be about football... hmmm... I don't think anyone who doesn't like to ogle women with so much botox in their brains that they can't even pick out the right bikini size.
"Finally! Everything you need to know about football, at the touch of a button! AND IT'S FREE!"
Sorry, I didn't catch that, I was too distracted by the fact that, that woman's nipple's are so hard she could looks like she could type with them. Come on...

Note about the song Arlene that I mentioned earlier: It's a murder ballad, in case you didn't catch that. It's about this guy who takes this woman into a cave and kills her. It's really pretty creepy and he keeps on going on and on about her hair and how he can still see how red it is in the dark. SCARY, especially after all those episodes of Law and Order SVU.

Good times...

I can’t believe I’m watching Friends, what is it about me and bad TV shows these days. I want cable at my moms! Maybe I should just stop watching TV... HA!!!!!!! Maybe Law and Order SVU is on, or Seinfeld. YAY, Seinfeld... I am so lame. All I do is waste my life in front of the TV. There’s another concert @ Ooh La Latte on Friday, I invited Feesh and Vicky to come with me. I don’t know if they can come, they’re the two people I feel most comfortable around. I’m not sure why, but I want to get some dancing done. Interesting story of the day: On New Years, Vicky got “a little” tipsy @ Chelly’s house and they were climbing around on the roof... Aren’t Chel’s parents the best?!? (sarcasm, sarcasm) Well I guess Vicky really had to pee, but she pissed on Chully’s roof. I wonder if that was before or after they trashed Chul’s neighbors house. Good times... Good times...

Monday, January 24, 2005

Watching Will and Grace...

Ugg... I hate this show, or at least I like to say that. It's a lie... I love this show, all it's awful stereotypes and dumb jokes.

I had an moment today when I realized how lucky I was to have my friends. We were rolling around on the hill, which is covered in dry grass. We were all coated in itchy grass, Emma was laughing so hard she couldn't breath, after everyone else left we were "separated" because we were distracting everybody. We couldn't even make eye contact, we were both ready to wet our pants. I love my friends...

Feesh's feet

Feesh's feet
Originally uploaded by grannytakesatrip.

I read the story about that lightsaber kid and decided not to post pictured of their whole faces, but feet won't hurt, right? These aren't my feet, my feet are thinner and my toes are longer. Not that Feesh (( has fat feet, I just have incredibly narrow feet, which makes shoe shopping nearly impossible, whick sucks.

I love how shows ratings go up higher each new season, or maybe it's show by show... I'm watching family guy, some episodes are rated PG and some are rated TV-14 or whatever. I wonder why is it on TV it's 14 and in movie's it's 13? Actually I don't wonder, I couldn't give a flying fuck... I just don't want to stop writing...
Ta Ta

Sunday, January 23, 2005


Ugggg... I am so tired of being depressed! So fucking tired. I should of had fun tonight @ the concert @ Ooh La Latte ( , I mean come on, they had a Bush shaped pinata filled with condoms and and little packets of astroglide, I didn't get any :( But the Ooh Latte Crowd is so much cooler than me, so much more worthy to be alive. I mean, they're also mostly 10 odd years older than me and I try to keep that in mind, but it's still incredibly disconcerting. I went with Gabster, who I see ever so often, some of her friends were there too, that was depressing because I hate looking down on people. I can't help it, it's human nature, it's not just me. is it? My ideas of scum of society, vastly differs from the majority. I loved the County Kings, I've never seen a drag king show before. It was funny and seriously made me consider becoming a lesbian again... but whatever. Speaking of lesbians... apart from the gay pride parade, I have never seen so many openly gay people together in one place... That was kind of awesome... I got a flier about birth control pills, which I have no interest in taking, but I just started thinking. When I do start becoming sexually active, how do I approach my mom about the pill. "Hi Mommy, I fuck people now..." Hmmmm... Somehow I don't think so.

Happy 32nd Birthday Roe vs. Wade! The Bush Administration can go fuck itself...

Jeremy's finger and Emma's head

Originally uploaded by grannytakesatrip.

It was taken on new years, but I just got it from my camera... Emma was not feeling photogenic that night...

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Annie on my mind...

Wow, I'm such a romantic... I'm reading this book for the umteenth time and just wishing love was really that simple and easy to find. I also wish my dad would pull himself enough so we can go to New York, his friends are practically begging us too come stay with us in Brooklyn... I'm in the mood for some fine art. I want to go to the met and see the new MOMA, I'm reading a really good book about Keith Haring and I want to see some of his stuff in person. You know, he hardly made it to thirty. Damn free and unprotected sex... but I guess before the big AIDS scare nobody even really thought about it. If only Keith Haring had been born just a few years later, maybe he'd be alive today. Now I'm slightly depressed, I'm a sucker for adorable gay artists with dorky glasses...

Goddamn The Handsome Family...

Here we go again with the Handsome Family... ARRRRRGGGG!!!! He's playing along and singing (*shudder*) to the song Arlene, which has to be the most depressing song on the planet, well no, but in context...
"Arlene I'm sorry for what I've done,
I wasn't lookin' for love
'Till I saw your red hair in the sun"
Ack! now it's stuck in my head, now Daddy's depression can follow me always. YAY

Still "Sleeping

Father woke up and told me to go to sleep, now he really thinks I am. I'm really under the covers with my computer... bad me! i hope he doesn't try to make a phone call (damn dial -up) then I'm screwed. THough my parents aren't ones who usually do things like that.

Bring justice to this snow dayless world...

"Sleeping" again...

It's like... early and if dad wakes up I die... or maybe not... I dunno... I hope somebody posts a comment, I want to know of somebody besides Carl and Adam are reading this fucking thing. I read other people's stuff, I love to read other people's stuff. I love to lose myself in other people's lives... it's fun... and takes me away from the "harsh" *cough cough* reality of my own... Oh woe is me... life just sucks doesn't it?... Whine Whine, Bitch Bitch...


I don't cut... Or atleast I won't ever do it again. It hurt! Pain on top of pain? Yay? Now I can't use a lighter and it hurts to do anything with my thumb. I am not a cutter! Just a little dead skin, on my thumb. Not cutting... it didn't help me at all...

Friday, January 21, 2005

High school

2005-01-21 - 6:30 p.m.
High school looms ahead like some sort of terrifying...ummmm... scary thingy... Wow, am I good with words today... I just realized today that all me and my friends ever talk about is sex and the most violent, painful ways to kill each other. We are so fucking immature, I love it. Immature people have more fun, until they end up accidentally getting themselves killed (in the most violent and painful way possible.) Now I'm slightly worried, I have no interest in getting my face torn off and having lemon juice poured on it, bleeding to death from a paper cut in the eye or having a bookbinding needle tear up my brain through my ear (AGG!) I'm having a little trouble confiding in my shrink, she's too bouncy and wears ugly shoes. At least they're better than Condaleeza Rice's hair! That woman's fashion adviser deserves to have his or her intestines pulled out through the bottom of his or her foot. Even my Dad will admit that her hair is evil in hair form and he always yells at me for making sarcastic remarks about how people look. To her credit she is a black woman and if somebody does manage to kill off Bush and Cheney (hopefully as painfully as possible) than she would become el presidento, or la presidenta, whatever. That would be completely awesome, I would love to watch the KKK throw up their stomachs and die (in excruciating pain) in the ER.
P.S. P.M.S and grumpiness from period and Six Feet Under withdrawal.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Labeling, by quizilla

paradise kiss boy
You are the bad boy / girl of your school. You
have little faith in yourself and usually find
escape in some sort of addicting substance or
yourself. You would rather torture others
above anything else. You regularly skip
school and when you go, always tend to ditch a
certain class. Some classmates can fear you
while others pity you...and your family. (No
offense) Your cruel behavior and abject
personality tends to single you out from the
crowd...and you prefer life this way at times.
However, lonliness can rear its ugly head and
force you seek a way to silence it. But be
warned, your path is dangerous... but only a
strong person can walk this road.

ideal occupations for you can be a Police
officer, Celebrity (who doesn't love the
badasses?), Wrestler, Polotician, or some sort
of leader. Either way, your destined to be
known by many.

What type of teenager are you?
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6 feet under

It's the last episode of Six Feet Under until season 3 comes out on DVD... Damn those slow HBO assholes... When will they get around to making it? It's making my heart hurt. THOSE ASSHOLES!!!!! I love this show so much, it's my addiction. Well... It's better than cocaine. Much better... I hope they hurry up, I might starting going through withdrawal. Just kidding... I hope. Six Feet Under is better than Queer as Folk... Much better.
DAMN THOSE FUCKERS! At the end of the episode they're going to leave it hanging wether or not Nate dies, whether or not Claire gets into college or where the fuck Brenda is . Goddamn them, goddamn them to hell!

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Goodbye, goddamit goodbye!

How I would love to say goodbye
But I can't
No matter what hell you put me through
So you test me
You test my limits
You stretch the boundries
That's how Jimi Hendrix died you know
The skies not the limit
I'm sorry I learned to care about you
I regret now I ever laughed with you
and now
You've stuck me out on the ledge
like you've done to yourself
It's not fair

Monday, January 17, 2005


Good morning... Sort of... I didn't sleep a wink, try sleeping while you're hanging off the edge of a friends bed. Chel's still asleep and I won't wake her, she looks so happy when she's asleep. I'm just gonna sit around for the next few hours. Maybe I'll watch A Touch of Pink again... I'm gonna go do that.

Handsome family...

2005-01-16 - 12:55 a.m.
I hate my parents fo breaking up and I hate my mom for breaking my dads heart
and I hate the band the handsome family for being so damn depressing and I hate my dad for liking them and making my life depressing. My whole house reeks of his unhappiness... I gets passed along, I'm not even there and I can feel it! That's why I'm crying... or I was crying, It's stopped... Finally.
Glory Hallalluah... Chells Bells finally came out of the bathroom, with a few fresh scratches on her arms, but nothing worse. Why didn't I stop her when she took her anti-depressants with a shot of tequila? Damn me!

Queer as Folk

Queer as Folk is sad... but incredibly, incredibly, awesomely sexy... Very graphic... YAY!!! That's what this is about, isn't it? The first line was kind of unnerving, "It's all about sex," Here we are with the stereotypes again. Poor baby, he's being taken advantage of... He's so young and ummm... virginy (is that a word?)
God this is dirty, I almost feel guilty, almost... ;)
I feel so sad for Justin, he's being taken advantage of... Oh, I already mentioned that. Poor, poor baby... It's ruining my horniness.
My butt is tingling, maybe from sitting... yeah right...
Oh My fucking god...
Football is very homo-erotic... tight pants, hugging and tackling... hmmm... I gotta start watching football... heh...
He can't remember Justin's name, Justin's only 17, he's still in high school, for God's sake. My poor, poor little sexy baby... God I'm hating Brian right now! Sooooooo much... If only he wasn't so sexy... Goddamit!
"I don't believe in love, I believe in fucking..." How depressing... what a horrible way to look at life.

Fag hag...

2005-01-15 - 9:06 p.m.
Finished 'A Touch Of Pink.' *Groan* If you haven't seen it you should. *Swoons* Giles is so sexy that he should be tied up in a closet and used as my pleasure device... There I go with the sexual fantasies. Actually I really just want to be a guy and make out with him... hmmmm... I wish I was a gay guy... I guess I'm just destined to become a fag hag... How pathetic... How depressing... i don't want to be a fag hag... I hate sealed fates... I DON'T WANT TO BE A FAG HAG!!!!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Hottie gay guy movie marathon!

2005-01-15 - 8:19 p.m.
8:19 p.m.
Taking a short break from our Movie Marathon... Chel's taking the dye out of her hair. A Touch of pink is a sexy, sexy movie! Yay, I wish she would come back so we can finish it, I;m waiting for them to make out again. Oh my yummy, yummy pals...
Now I'm stuffed, every fried seafood imaginable... Next is season one, or part of season one of Queer As Folk, that should be interesting...

Virginal me...

2005-01-15 - 11:08 a.m.
Okay... I promise not to write every ten minutes all the time... but things come to me so fast!
I was reading other blogs about thier lovely sexual fantasies and stuff. I won't even bother, I like to avoid them *cough* and I'm not sure I want to share them, though I'm sure others would just love to read them... They won't be for-filled for at-least another 3 years (depending on whether my self control holds up ;) So why should I bother *cough*. Poor little virginal me... I can't control my raging mind...

Racists, homophobes and the religous right! OH MY!

2005-01-15 - 1:21 a.m.

Why do people have to be so “righteous”? It’s what makes the world so fucked up. It’s so insane. In their desperation to become their opinion of a good person they decide that everybody else needs to be their version of a good person. They lose all respect for anyone but themselves. As their respect and love for themselves grows they start to feel like everybody else needs to be just like them. If they can’t change somebody they do their best to get rid of them in some way or another, all to create their own utopia. That’s the recipe for hatred and it sucks. Everybody needs to learn to transcend that, unfortunately it’s to subconscious for most people to figure out. People just don’t get it and that’s what so frustrating. It’s so easy to fix, just so fucking easy. People just need to shut the fuck up and listen for a second. I doubt they ever will. What runs through these peoples minds? What the hell are they thinking? I just don’t get it.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

2005-01-15 - 1:20 a.m.
I think most of the authers on were jacking off when they though of their story ideas. I mean, “Top botton or versatile”... come on, hasn’t anyone ever heard of a plot? Graphic sex can be incorporated into a plot, Jesus Christ! I can read about sex and be entertained, but I only take so much. This may be old fashioned, but love, however slight, should be involved. People wonder why there are homophobes in the world. Gays shouldn’t be portayed as sex obsessed maniacs, who can’t get into a commited relationship. Everything is just easing back into old sterotypes and it’s sad.

Love know no gender.