Thursday, August 12, 2004

6/12/04 - 1:14 a.m.

The whole role-play thing online is really pretty dumb, in theory and just about everything else. But it’s still pretty addictive, maybe it’s just another way to hold on to my childhood while still being able to move on. Usually it’s just fun to read them, people are so pathetic. They create this perfect life for themselves through the computer screen. The blond haired, blue-eyed cheer leading captain who the football star has the hots for is much more likely a smart little geek who’s just wishing.
On the bright side it’s probably a good breeding ground for good stories, there has to be some good characters out there. Take what happened to me and Rachel the other day, we met the coolest fucking guy, he had some okay, fairly good characters, but we actually got into some conversations w/ him, he was actually a totally rockin’ human being. We don’t know his name and all that much about him, we can only hope that he isn’t some mad internet pedophile. He sounded credible, though who the hell knows what that means. The main question is, why was he on neopets in the first place. Probably for the same reason we were, to shake some people up. I kind of hate myself for befriending somebody on the internet, but, what the fuck? I need to take a fucking chance.


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